Nikolai Oskolkov

      Nikolai Konstantinovich Oskolkov was born in 1984 in Moscow. The son of a mathematics professor and a music teacher, Nikolai was introduced to art at an early age. He moved to the West in 1992. After a year in Canada, Nikolai settled in South Carolina, which has been his residence ever since. Besides having lived in several countries, he has travelled around the world, from the Czech Republic and Sweden to Jamaica and Italy.

      In 1995, Nikolai had his first solo exhibit in elementary school. He drew obsessively during classes, often being disciplined for distraction. However, art teachers noted that Nikolai always desired to tackle challenging projects. He decided on a career in fine art in high school, seeing art as a constant companion through all of his childhood interests.

      At the University of South Carolina, Nikolai exhibited in annual student shows and received top awards and scholarships for his work. He was featured in November 2005 as one of the first three representatives of the USC Magellan Scholarship Program at the grand opening of the Office of Undergraduate Research.

      After college, Nikolai learned about the art trade working at City Art, one of Columbia's leading specialty art stores and galleries. Every year, Nikolai puts together solo exhibits and collaborations. Being an accomplished musician, Nikolai also plays piano and the Russian balalaika at his shows. Nikolai has work in many private collections in the U.S. and abroad.

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